About Us

Lisa is an eighth grade social studies teacher.

I, Edwin, work as an instructional assistant for a life skills transitions program for students with special needs.  No, we do not work at the same school!

However, we are both blessed to work for the same school district and thus we share a similar daily schedule plus we have the same holiday periods off — yep, that includes summer vacation.  Lisa likes to point out that this is actually a furlough versus a vacation, as we are not paid and we don’t get three months off in the summer like some people assume.  In reality, we work until mid-June and return to the schools towards the tail end of August, so really we just have a little over two months off to recover from the prior school year!

We are fortunate enough to be able to do a practice retirement every year, as two months is a lot of time for us to take classes, do home improvement projects, catch up on reading the latest best sellers and stacks of neglected magazines, binge watching Netflix series, and of course, traveling!

Road trips.  Train trips.  Cruising.  Couchsurfing.  Hiking.  Bicycling.  Near to home.  Abroad.  Wherever the road leads, whatever the steal of a deal airfare comes… Adventure Calls Us, and we must answer!