Before visiting a new area, we will determine what places offer good value and good reviews by utilizing sites like Yelp and Lonely Planet.

Grocery stores:  oftentimes there is a deli available or we will just load up on fresh foods and take it back to our room or find a nice people-watching place and eat them.

Happy Hours:  discounted food and drinks can be easily searched online, and local hot spots and national chains both offer great deals to get people in the door.

Groupon and LivingSocial:  it takes a little planning and might kill any spur-of-the moment meal plans, but there can be some incredible deals available, especially when you apply additional 20% of 25% off discounts that the sites frequently offer.  Sometimes you can use the deal immediately, or you might have to wait 24 hours, so it helps to have a smartphone.

Entertainment Book:   yeah, these guys still exist – you’ll find them being sold by local schools and community organizations.  You get tear-out two-for-one paper coupons and other discounts to full service sit-down restaurants, quick serve restaurants and fast food joints.  They offer books in many cities across the US; nowadays you can just purchase their app and pay a monthly fee to access all of their coupons no matter what city you are in.  Similarly, the Chinook Book has also great values and can be found in a handful of major cities:  Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis and San Francisco.

Hotels – sometimes our hotel will offer a breakfast buffet and sometimes they will also do an evening manager’s reception with free wine and finger foods or appetizers.