Sunday Parkways North Portland

Last Sunday I braved the almost 100° temperatures to ride in the North Portland Sunday Parkways event, a nine-mile car free road course for walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and more.  The city of Portland puts these on about once a month during the summer all over the city and it is a great opportunity to enjoy Portland with lots of other people having some fun and exercise.

Peninsula Park

Along the course there were some open houses, so of course I had to check it out. This house was a smaller home built in the 1920’s on sale for around $400,000

Pedestrian bridge over Interstate 5

Open house number two

A garage sale with miscellaneous junk that was a bit overpriced

There were four parks to visit, and each park had booths and vendors, some offering up some freebies like these strawberries and blueberries from Whole Foods Market

Open house number three, this one was amazing inside and I did not even look at the price.

The home’s interior main floor

I finished my bike ride and under two and a half hours, then I stopped by the Good in the Hood Festival

I cannot imagine how hot it would be to be barbecuing this meat while it is 100 degrees outside

The German Meet Up

Last Friday I was able to finally meet Markus, a Couchsurfing host that Megan and Timothy stayed with during their European trip a few years ago. They introduced Marcus to the world of Airbnb, and one thing led to another, whereby this past April Curt and Becky made their way to Germany and stayed with Markus and his family for a few nights. It was now Markus’ turn to visit the states, and last Friday we all got together for a barbecue and to hang out and swap stories of traveling, parenting and whatever else! I was also able to meet baby Conner for the first time.