Our first post on our first day of summer vacation

This is our first post.  I feel like it should be something profound and memorable, a rousing start to this new blog that declares upon the world “This is US!  Come join and be amazed and have your breath taken away every day with all the grandeur that comes from our writings!  YES YES YES!!”  But eh… we’re tired.  If anything, this day will be remembered for it being our first day of summer away from all the school kids.  And with that comes a big sigh of relief – a time to decompress from all the end-of-the-school year stress, to unwind from the frenzied energy of the students, to reflect upon another year gone, and the double-take realization that yes, the school year went pretty fast!  Lisa and I are very happy and fulfilled with the vocation we have chosen.  We love our students and the staff that we work with, we love the learning and the growing up that we see everyday, and we love the exuberance of their youth because it keeps us young and grounded and hopeful.  I think that is what our web site will strive to be — happy, hopeful and a shared experience for you to learn more about us and the world we live in.  Life is good!

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