Whenever we are about to embark on a trip, I usually have a to-do list a mile long that I always think that I have enough time to complete.   From packing, doing last minute travel research, and closing up loose ends there never seems to be enough time.  Procrastination can also be a hindrance, as I have neglected to mow the lawn and take care of the yard for the last several weeks.  So today was the day that the battle had finally arrived.  I toiled out there for two hours – mowing, pulling weeds and weed whacking — serious strain under the hot sun, sweat pouring down my head, these old bones achy and sore.  But as I struggled to keep my pace, I was reminded of a Netflix episode featuring Morgan Spurlock documenting his temporary job of picking oranges and living with people that do this for a living.  The work was a lot harder than he thought.  He couldn’t keep up with the quota and he was thoroughly spent and exhausted by the end of the work shift.  As I finished my own laborious work, I acknowledged just how tough this is and how much respect I have for people that do this for a living.  Often unrecognized or forgotten, there are so many people that help bring food to our table.  This simple Native American blessing is one that I often recite before I have a meal:


“We thank the Great Spirit for the resources that made this food possible.
We thank the Earth Mother for producing it, and we thank all those who labored to bring it to us.
May the wholesomeness of the food before us, bring out the wholeness of the Spirit within us.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Morgan Spurlock episode I watched, here is a short clip from CNN.



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