Adventure Calling, #1

Adventure Calling topics are challenges we present to you, our audience, to attempt.  Some will be easy, others a little more difficult.  The whole idea is that adventures can happen every day with just the right mindset.  Are you up for this first challenge?

Our close friend recently lost his father and shared with his friends the following thoughts (edited for brevity):

“My Dad died a couple of hours ago…

The reason I’m posting a picture of pancakes with peanut butter on them is because that was his thing. It wasn’t until my late teens or early twenties that anyone else told me they had tried that.  My Dad took great joy in exposing all of my friends and anyone else to the joys of an alternative to plain old butter. 

I have perpetuated the peanut butter crusade, exposing my friends to the joy it causes. Some sneer at the idea but most try it and no one has said it wasn’t fantastic. One person not long ago, a full-fledged adult, took a bite, slowly turned to me with their eyes widening and said, “It’s like candy!” as they turned into a five-year old.

It such an automatic ritual that my basketball buddies will often finish my order for me when we have breakfast out. “He wants peanut butter with his pancakes, lots of it.” 

So I ask a small favor, if you haven’t tried peanut butter on your pancakes, I ask you to try it, it is amazing, unless you have a peanut allergy, that would be terrible. And if you do indulge in this delicacy, please tag me, I would greatly appreciate it. Whenever my next meal is, that will be it.

Note: Use warm syrup for best results”

So in honor of our friend’s father,  we took up our friend’s request this morning at the local Denny’s.  They were delicious.

Now it is your turn.


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