A Lazy Week at Home

I love the lazy, dog days of summer.  At this time last week, I was celebrating the end of my week of Bike Camp, and I could finally do what I do best — not work!  Here is what I have spent my last week doing…

  • Family reunion with so many family members young and old.  Of course, plenty of Filipino food and entertainment — our culture’s DNA is to dance and sing and perform.  We had a great time, the only disappointment is that we didn’t get the memo that a big Motocross race was also happening in the same area, which resulted in the main road being clogged with 20,000 spectators.  Instead of a 45-minute drive to the reunion camp facility, we were stuck for over two hours
  • Watched a bunch of movies and ate a lot of popcorn.  Saw Ghostbusters, Central Intelligence, Tarzan and Lights Out
  • Enjoyed the Washington County Fair, checking out exhibits on animals, 4-H, hobbies, carnival rides and more
  • Last Thursday on Alberta Street, including a stop for some of that famous Salt and Straw ice cream
  • Collected passport stamps from various McMenamins locations
  • Went to one of those home shows where you get to walk around a brand new house and imagine the possibilities of upgrading your own home
  • Ate out a lot — nachos, pizza, tater tots, ice cream, corn dogs — sheesh, that is not a very healthy diet!
  • Planned for more vacations, including mapping out a road trip plan for our final vacation that begins next week.

This past week has gone by so fast, and I am just so thankful that Lisa and I can afford to not work during the summer to enjoy this time together.  We make sacrifices during the year and try to budget as much as we can so that we have enough to play and rest before our school duties call us back in late August.  Which is less than four weeks away, what??!!!

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