Anatomy of Vacation Costs: Oregon Caves Weekend Trip

Here are the costs associated with our just-completed Labor Day weekend trip:

$49.00 Yurt camping
$12.70 Lunch – Corvallis
$21.60 Dinner – Roseburg
$5.05 Breakfast – Grants Pass
$4.77 Lunch – Roseburg
$20.00 Oregon Caves tour
$17.73 Gas
$12.25 Gas
$21.68 Gas
$164.78 TOTAL
$82.39 Average per day


We only stayed one night and lucked out to get a yurt at a popular state park.  We used buy one / get one free coupons during our lunch and breakfast stops, and we used a Groupon for our dinner in Roseburg (good thing too — the food wasn’t all that great).  Gas was a big chunk, as we drove over 650 miles roundtrip but averaged close to 30 miles per gallon in my trusty 1992 Toyota Corolla!  Although we didn’t use any type of award points, we still managed to have a two-day escape for less than $200 total.

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