Adventure Calls My Personal Challenges: Eggplant

Never a big fan of eggplant, I try to avoid it whenever it is presented to me as a food choice.  My household growing up featured eggplant at least once a week, usually in some soup or as a main ingredient to some of our main dishes.  And I never really grew accustomed to the taste and the texture.  However, as part of my 30 “day” adventure challenge, I am trying eggplant one more time.

Fortunately on our cruise last month, I had the chance to try it not once but twice — once as an appetizer, and the second time encrusted in Parmesan as a main dish…

Verdict:  not as bad as I remember.  It helped a lot that the other food ingredients overpowered the eggplant, but overall one its own it doesn’t really have too much of a bad taste for me and the texture is bearable.  Though I will not be rushing out to the local grocery store to stock up on eggplant, at least I am okay enough to not be scared the next time I have it.  And I likely will eat it the next time I have the opportunity to do so — well, as long as I’m not paying too much for it!



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