Something Learned #3: Qigong

I signed up for a Qigong class and this evening was my first session.  I have little yoga or mediation experience and have read little blurbs here and there about Qigong.  I love travel in order to experience new things and new places; additionally, I also know that travel allows me to experience new things about myself.  But I also realize that I don’t necessarily have to travel to do this self discovery, and this is one of the reasons why I decided to learn more and try to practice some Qigong.  Our class tonight was 90 minutes long and consisted of introductions of the 12 or so participants in the class — I found out that over 2/3 are repeat students that have just kinda made this Wednesday night class a part of their routine.  Our instructor provided us an overview of Qigong, then we spent the rest of the time doing movements and breathing exercises.  This class lasts for about 6 weeks (I think), so every Wednesday I will record one thing I learned or something I want to remember as I take this journey to mindfulness.  And thus my first something learned for mindful practice is this:  before entering a room or a threshold at a door, always step with the same foot.  This will allow yourself to focus on the moment at hand and have an intention.  Seems easy, but we’ll see — I will try this tomorrow and report back!

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