Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzelry (IMOGAP)

Lisa and I spent the evening at the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzelry, which we discovered about a year ago.  The museum offers the largest publicly accessible collection of board games in the United States, with almost 4,500!  They are in danger of losing their lease, so they had a 24-hour Game-A-Thon for people to come in and play games.  We didn’t quite do 24 hours, but we did play for almost five hours and sampled a variety of games…


This was a fun and quick game to play. Basically it is a word search game and you use little buttons to cover each letter of the word you find. The first person to use all their buttons, wins. I got lucky and was able to snatch victory away from Lisa on my last turn.


Tsuro — easy to play and very quick, I’ll have to remember this one for future gaming


The last game we played was Trivia Pursuit — Lisa gave me questions from the Star Wars edition deck, while I gave her questions from the Book Lovers deck and from General Knowledge. Lisa gets the win at the end

We also played $20,000 Pyramid, a MASH trivia game, Word Yahtzee and this game…


This game didn’t live up to our expectations, as the game play was a bit clunky and we gave up after 30 minutes of playing.




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