Another Celebration with Extended Family

Tonight I attended the 18th birthday of my cousin’s grand daughter, Jhasmine.  Yeah, she spells it with an ‘h.’  There is usually some birthday party or celebration that occurs at least once every couple of weeks, and with all of my first cousins having kids and them having kids, the next generation and the next generation after that one becomes too much to keep track of!  And so I began to think — what do I call my cousin’s grand daughter as it relates to my bloodline?  Fortunately there is a web site that provides the answer with this handy ‘Cousins Chart.’  And so, after consulting the experts, I have come to the conclusion that I should call Jhasmine my first cousin twice removed.  But in the Filipino culture, she would simply be one of my many nieces and she would call me uncle, even though that is not technically correct.  At any rate, it is always a fun challenge to figure out who belongs to whom and what to call them (and what they should call me) whenever I go to one of my family gatherings.  Whew!

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