Something Learned #3: Qigong Part 8

I almost didn’t go to tonight’s class.  Almost.  But I went.  Game 7 of the World Series was on between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.  Plus I had to check in for my flight to Las Vegas at 8:05pm, right in the middle of class.  So I was a little distracted as we went through some new movements.  I was able to check in, but I was five minutes too late and received a boarding pass number of B16 — which means that I might not get a preferred window seat, but I should still find an aisle seat and overhead bin storage space for my bag.

What was interesting tonight is that the time moved slowly — I thought that time had moved faster than it actually did.  Especially when we were sitting down and meditating.  Yeah, I may have dozed off just a tiny bit.  But I swear it felt like more time elapsed than just ten minutes.  Such an odd and surprising feeling!  Our discussion tonight centered on having positive experiences and absorbing that into our memories so that we can recall how we felt and to let that stay with us for future reference.  And the biggest takeaway is a balance of five positive interactions or compliments to your spouse for every one negative that might come out.  The negative will be remembered more than one or two positives, so you gotta have five positive comments every day to maintain a happy relationship.  Cool!

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