Portland Auto Show Favorites

Lisa and I both drive cars over 25 years old. So every so often, we check out new cars for What If possibilities.  Here are the cars we liked.

– Good gas mileage
– Hatchback
– Back seats fold flat and Edwin can stretch out length wise and lay flat
– Good visibility out the back window and blind spots are manageable
– Bonus: heated seats,  Bluetooth and USB ports

Our picks for the 2017 models…


Mazda CX3. We also liked the Mazda 3 but didn't see the hatchback model


Toyota Corolla iM


Chevy Sonic hatchback


Chevy Cruze hatchback


Honda Civic Sport Hatchback

We also liked the Toyota Prius C, which is probably our first choice because it is a hybrid. 

One of these days we’ll make the plunge,  but for now it was fun checking them all out in the comfort of all being under one roof with no sales people to hassle with. My top choice: the Prius C

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