Achieved: McMenamins Passport Completed

After almost two years of visiting over fifty McMenamins properties and collecting stamps from all the venues, we have successfully completed the McMenamins Passport program!  We received our final stamp yesterday at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and then drove out to the Grand Lodge to validate our passports and receive our prizes:

  • Cosmic Tripster t-shirt
  • Key Chain (they were out)
  • Drinks at happy hour prices Sunday-Thursday
  • Pair of concert tickets or movie tickets
  • Three overnight stays at any of their hotels — valid for two years
  • Cosmic Tripster party

The prizes are valued at over $500, and it only costed us $30 each.  We enjoyed exploring all the properties and will definitely get another passport to complete for the future.  Between the both of us, we have a total of SIX free nights to stay at their hotels and although there are blackout dates, we are very excited to start planning for our staycations.  Hooray for McMenamins Passport!



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