Emirates Dubai to Seattle In-flight Review

This is a quick overview of what to expect on the 14-hour, non stop flight from Dubai to Seattle on Emirates Airlines…

Our flight was scheduled for a 3:15am departure, but because of the recent electronics airline ban, our flight was delayed as passengers were processed and relieved of their electronic devices that didn’t meet the criteria (basically, only smartphones were allowed on the plane — no Chromebooks, e-readers, even headphones…). Despite not having these options available, I was plenty occupied with all the choices I had for movies, TV shows and music on the Emirates entertainment system.

3:15am scheduled departure

3:00am passengers are allowed to board the plane

4:10am plane pulls back from the gate (yes, we had over an hour delay just sitting at the gate)

4:40am lift off (30 minutes just waiting and taxing on the runway)

5:35am meals served – dinner

8:00am (9:00pm PST) cabin lights all out

12:00am PST pizza snack

4:30am PST breakfast served

7:30am wheels down Seattle landing

8:30am processed through customs and bags collected, out the door of SeaTac


Dinner meal




Exiting the plane and getting a peek at the first class lie-flat seat accommodations


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