Anatomy of Vacation Costs: Weekend Getaway in Seaside

Here are the final expenses for our just completed weekend getaway in Seaside. ¬†We scored a great deal on Living Social for the room, and to save costs we ate cheaply in the room with groceries (the room had a fridge for all that cheese we ate!). ¬†Eating out, we only got some breakfast sandwiches to-go at McDonald’s, and ate out for dinner once and lunch twice.

$162.00 Seaside Inn Living Social – 2 nights $281.31 TOTAL
$17.37 Hotel tax 2.5 days
$11.76 Grocery Outlet food / groceries
$36.50 Osprey Cafe lunch $112.52 Daily average per person
$14.20 Tom’s Fish and Chips dinner $56.26 Daily average per peson, per day
$4.00 McDonald’s
$3.59 McDonald’s Lodging $179.37
$15.89 Red Robin lunch Dining $85.94
$13.00 Gas Transportation $13.00
$3.00 Hotel tip Total $278.31

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