Travel Tip Favorites: Evaluating Hotel Points vs Free Night Offers

Ran into this article today and it is a great tool to help decide if you should go with the hotel points as a credit card bonus or if you should go with the free nights.  I came to this dilemma ad I recently applied for a Hilton Honors credit card.  The problem was figuring out if I should get the AMEX card that offered 100k points or the Citibank card that offered two free weekend nights.  Some Hilton properties can cost 100k point alone just for one night, so the better value looks like getting the Citibank card with the free weekend nights.  But after considering my upcoming travel needs, I decided to go with the AMEX card that offered 100k points.  I did this because it also offers one free Hilton reward night on account anniversary and I can be more flexible about redeeming the 100k points at cheap properties and at higher end ones.  In the end, I think I can squeeze out a little more value out of the 100k points instead of just the free weekend night certificates.  I could be wrong, but I’m okay with my decision and we’ll see how my points redemption works out in 2018.  Check out the article below…


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