Italy by Rail and Ship: Castello di Vezio

A few months ago we caught an episode of the CBS reality show “The Amazing Race” (which has been on for like ten years!) and they just happened to be in Italy.  So of course this was must-see TV.  They competed up in Lake Como and one of the challenges took place at a cool castle set on a hill that overlooks the lake.  Now it was our turn to live up an Amazing Race destination!

The footpath starts just a block away from our Airbnb, and although it is less than a half mile up, they recommend 45 minutes walking time because, well, because it is UP!

We set out around 9:30am, but already it was getting hot and the sweat started almost immediately as we climbed up and up and up.


Rest break, well deserved

Made it to the castle!

The castle also had some underground tunnels

Castle views


View from the top overlooking Lake Como

Varenna down below


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