Italy by Rail and Ship: Valletta, Malta

My smartphone has been resurrected. After I feared that it was lost for the remainder of our vacation, I plugged it in last night and when I checked it in the morning it was able to reboot and start up like brand new. I did not lose any apps or photos or anything so I am good to go.

We spent a full day in Valletta, Malta taking in a short historical multimedia presentation and then taking a three hour self guided driving tour on an electric golf cart. We survived driving on the left hand side!  

Valletta is a walled Fortress town and its claim to fame was withstanding The Great Siege from the Ottoman Empire in 1565, where they were outnumbered four-to-one.  It is the capital of the three island nation of Malta, and it is filled with churches, cathedrals, palaces and it is basically  stepping back  in time… many movies have been filmed here such as Assassins Creed and Popeye!  Valetta is also the 2018 European city of culture, whatever that means.  Pretty awesome port of call!

Sunrise over the Valletta seaport

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