Italy by Rail and Ship: Carbs Carbs Carbs Yeah-Ah

Coming up on the last 48 hours here in Italy.  Which means surviving against the onslaught of carbs.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner — all carbs.  I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but my body has definitely been less accepting of the constant barrage of carbohydrates in my diet with not enough fruit, veggies, dairy and protein.  I hasn’t helped that over the past 72 hours I have been battling a cold, complete with stupid constant coughing and a sensitive throat with the hurts-when-I-swallow action.  Because of my constant coughing, my sleep has been sporadic and incomplete these last two nights.  My body is craving more nutrients, but all I’ve fed it are croissants, cereals, sweet breads, pasta, focaccia bread, and of course pizza.  I have been able to get some more fruit into my system, but it hasn’t been enough.  I’m actually looking forward to going home, so I can have more control of what I eat and balance my meals much better than I have been lately.  Each Italian city has specialty dishes to try, so Lisa and I do our best to sample them.  But having different versions of pasta with different versions of sauces can get tiresome, and I think I’ve hit my limit.  The good news is that we have hit upon the magic dinner hour of “apertivo” — and here in Milan, they take it to another level.  Stay tuned!

Breakfast … let’s see, croissants, sweet breads, rolls, toast, even pancakes! Carb heaven!

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