Spring Break Day 6: St Louis Rain Squared

Rain rain rain.  That was our theme for our final day in St. Louis.  We ventured forth into the rain with one piddly travel umbrella.  You know, one of those umbrellas that packs up really, really small and therefore the coverage is barely big enough to fit one person.  We tried to share this, but after a while I just gave up.  Let me get wet.  And so I did.  It was cold, it was windy, it was rainy.  It was only a mile walk to the Gateway Arch, so how wet could I get?  Within two blocks of walking and unsuccessfully attempting to avoid the puddles, my feet were wet, the bottom of the pant legs were soaked and there was no more fight left in me to try and stay dry.  Lisa fared a little better, but her jacket was not waterproof – it was water “resistant.”  We braved the elements and strolled quickly through CityGarden, stopped by the courthouse and took some photos of the Gateway Arch — we decided not to go up the Arch since it was such crappy weather.  Saving this for ‘next time,’ especially since the museum is under construction and everything won’t be ready until this summer.  Next time!  We were able to dry and warm up at the “Inside the Economy Museum” at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, but as soon as we went back out we got wet again.  So we finally headed back to our hotel to pack up and move on to our next spring break spot, which we will highlight tomorrow.  But for now, we are dry, we are warm, and we are ready to sleep.

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