A Break From Spring Break

Our flight touched down into Portland at 10:40pm last night and after collecting our luggage, we were on the 11:16pm MAX.  The nice thing is that this particular Red Line train turned into a Blue Line train, which meant that we didn’t need to get off at a station to transfer to a train that would take us all the way to our stop.  Once we reached our stop, it was just a twenty-minute walk back home, where we got in just before 1:00am.

We spent today recovering and resting — a break from our spring break.  Doing laundry, putting things away, catching up on mail, reading, watching some TV … just unwinding and settling back into home life.  Which was really nice to do, because sometimes we get back late right before a day of work.  And that can be pretty shocking to the system.  It is very nice to have this decompress time, to prepare ourselves for getting back to daily life and the whole work thing, instead of just jumping into the fire right away.  Not all of our school break vacations will be like this, but I do have to remember the importance of taking a break from a trip — to ease back into the daily routine and mark our return from a vacation with some semblance of calm and controlled mindset of gradual re-immersion to home.  And we do love home … wish we could have another day off tomorrow!

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