Dispatch From Playa del Carmen, Mexico

After a long ordeal at the Cancun Airport, and just missing our bus, we finally arrived to Playa del Carmen just before 9pm.  We took a stroll down the main Avenida to exchange money and to scope out our breakfast options.  A few memorable things to note on our first evening here…

1) this is a hotspot of Tourism, so naturally there are many vendors approaching you to sell tours to ruins and other activities.

2) there are many bars and restaurants along the main walkway, so you will definitely be approached with menus to peruse.

3) you can use the tap water to brush your teeth, but it is recommended that you not drink it.

4) this is typical south of the US border, but nothing is to be flushed down the toilet except your natural waste. In other words, any toilet paper must go into the wastebasket and not in the toilet.

5) it is hot and sticky. Fortunately our very cool hotel room has air conditioning and a overhead fan to keep us cool this evening.

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