The Rush to the Airport Lounge

Today is a Transit day as we fly from Cancun Mexico to San Jose Costa Rica. Left our Resort and 10:15am this morning and figured it would give us enough time to check in at the airport counter, go through immigrations and Customs, go through security, and then find our way to the lounge.  The only catch is that we had to be at the lounge by 12 pm, after that time, they no longer accept members of the priority pass Lounge club, a benefit of one of our credit cards.  So we were on the clock to get there by noon. 

Fortunately our taxi driver made good time and we arrived to the airport by 11:15., which gave us enough time to redistribute some of the weight around our luggage as we were limited to only 20 kg each between our four pieces. 
We had some waiting to do at the check-in counter, and when we finally got up to the counter our agent had some sort of issue with our passports and sent us to the immigration customs office for them to inspect our passports. So we lugged our bags and made the trek to the office, got the necessary stamp, made our way back to the ticket counter and a different airline agent processed our check-in.  
Finally it was on to the security line, which went relatively fast but once through the security gate Lisa’s bag was inspected because she had a sunblock aerosol can that exceeded the ounces limit and my backpack was pulled because I forgot to remove my Chromebook and send it through the machine in a separate tub.  Whoops. 
We still had time to spare and were able to get into our lounge with 5 minutes left.  How do I access to the lounge makes a big difference as we get complimentary food and drink, comfy chairs, our own private bathrooms and Speedy Wi-Fi.  This is a great way to end our trip to Cancun and the start for our journey to Costa Rica.

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