Costa Rica Coastal Highway 34

Today we lazed and hammocked a bit longer at our Nature’s Edge cabin, checking out just after 11am.  Then it was back down the mountain using our 4×4 and engine braking back to Uvita – so glad that we spent the extra money to get the upgraded 4×4!  We spent the next hour driving south to check out some hidden beaches along the coastal highway 34.  

Many of the beaches would have been hard to get to in a regular car, as they are very rocky with many huge holes and I can’t imagine my little sedan car handling it too well.  The beaches reminded us very much of the Oregon Coast — minus the tropical palm trees and hot humidity of course — but the rocks and the sand and driftwood and just how everything came together gave us the feeling of being at the Oregon Coast.  And that’s a good thing because we love our Oregon Coast!  

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