A Day of Soaking

We spent half the day soaking at the very high-end Tabacon Thermal Spa with a spendy but worthwhile $70 day pass.  The pass also included a very good lunch, but that took away some of the time from using the facilities so in total we soaked for just under 3 hours.  The place is incredible and we enjoyed trying out different pools and massaging our muscles with the numerous waterfalls.  The place was not crowded and we found ourselves alone most of the time, just thoroughly enjoying the naturally heated waters.  The best part is when it started raining monsoons and I would just stand up and enjoy the cold water beating against my back and then plunging back into the hot pool.  
Such a great time we had, but all things must come to an end and after four hours we left and continued our soak at a different place, the Volcano Lodge. It is a sister property to our hotel and we have privileges of using their mineral baths.  It is not in a natural setting like a Tabacon, but we enjoyed the simplicity of the calm pools and hotter temperatures.  And for the price of being free, you just can’t beat that!

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