A Long Journey Back Home

Here’s a quick synopsis of our long journey back to Portland…

4:30am:  wake up

5:15am:  catch hotel shuttle to the airport

5:30am:  arrive to airport

6:00am:  after checking in, dropping off our bags and going through security, we make it to our Priority Pass lounge

7:30am:  at the gate for boarding

8:05am:  flight leaves San Jose.  We are dog tired.

12:45pm:  land in Houston for 90 minute lay over.  We change planes.

2:20pm:  flight leaves Houston

3:25pm:  land in Las Vegas.  Stay on the plane for almost an hour as they deplane and board new passengers.

4:15pm:  flight leaves Las Vegas.  Early in the flight, little kid loses his lunch and hurls all over his seat and his row.  Passengers are re-accommodated in other seats.

5:45pm:  land in Oakland.  Stay on the plane.  Originally a 30-minute stop turns into an hour as maintenance crews are called in to clean up the vomit and to replace the seat cushions and seat belts.

6:40pm:  flight leaves Oakland.

8:00pm:  land in Portland.  Get luggage and a quick bite at Elephant’s Deli.

8:42pm:  on the MAX for our ride home.

9:54pm:  arrive to our final MAX stop; Lisa’s mom is there waiting and drives us home.

10:00pm:  HOME!

Costa Rica is just one hour ahead of Portland.  So Portland time, we woke up at 5:30am to begin our day and we didn’t get home until 10pm.  16.5 hours of travel.  We made it.  The prior eighteen days were so worth the long day of traveling home.  And the nice thing is that we were able to sit together for the entire time and aside from the little hiccup/delay for cleaning up some puke, our flights were uneventful and smooth sailing.  And that’s what we want!

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