Random Thoughts: Sunday Laziness

Love my Sundays.

Sleeping in.  Check

Sunday newspaper.  Check

NFL games on TV.  Check

Staying home and doing nothing.  Check

Yep, I was lazy all day today.  And that is absolutely fine.  No guilt for non productivity or being out there in the world.  This is one of the reasons Lisa and I bought a home.  To live in it.  Enjoy it.  Be lazy in it.  And so let it be.  Yep, slept in, read the paper, watched NFL, surfed the net, read a magazine. watched a bunch of TV like the zombie apocalypse “Fear the Walking Dead” and enjoyed every minute of it.  Yay for Sunday!  Sometimes you just gotta be lazy and do mindless stuff that you enjoy with no regrets for what others may perceive as time wasted.  And that’s what Sundays are for!

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