Something Learned #5: Fasting Isn’t That Hard

Over the weekend Lisa and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  My combination plate was huge and I only ate half of it.  I then went home and had a bowl of popcorn plus cake and ice cream.  That was around 8pm.  And in keeping with my at least once-a-week fast, I had planned on not eating until dinner the next evening.

The next morning my stomach complained that it was hungry, and I acknowledged it and continued on.  Once I got through the morning and into the early afternoon, I think my body was in acceptance that it wasn’t going to get any food.  And so the afternoon passed and came the evening.  And I didn’t feel any hunger pangs.  So I decided to extend my fast until the next morning.  It wasn’t that hard.

I woke up this morning feeling a little dehydrated, but otherwise normal.  I even went for a one-mile run and was able to do it in under 7 minutes (always an accomplishment anytime I run under 7 minutes).  I broke my fast with some eggs and cereal, 34 hours later.

I have now been fasting at least once a week for one year now.  My body is used to it and I no longer get hungry or dizzy or feel weak.  There are a number of health benefits for fasting, one big one being is that I have improved insulin sensitivity and I have also lost around six pounds and have maintained this weight.  I actually enjoy fasting and have become used to it.  Bottom line, over the past year I have learned that fasting isn’t really that hard and it actually has improved my overall health and well being.

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