December Adventures

Wow, it’s December.  End of the year.  One of my favorite times of the year, for many reasons including:

  • Getting together with family and relatives.
  • Christmas —  the giving and of course the receiving.  Enjoying the reactions of people opening the gifts that I so-carefully planned out.  Christmas carols.  And songs such as “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and “Last Christmas.”  I grew up on those songs and especially remember that Wham song, playing in the background as I hung out at Sarah’s house when I was a sixth grader and there were no adults around, whoa!
  • Lots of good food — holiday cookies and treats.  Oh, and some to leave for Santa, too.
  • Christmas lights.  Watching “A Christmas Carol” for the umpteenth time.
  • And most of all, time off from work or school.  Seems like I have become pretty spoiled with having time off around the holidays…

I am so lucky to work for the school district.  Two weeks off in December!  Sure, I don’t get paid, but the time off is so valuable and I’m always blown away that my previous jobs pretty much just gave me two weeks off for the entire year.  How did I survive?!  Two weeks off for every fifty weeks of working?  Sheesh.  Love my time off in December.  Maybe sometime this holiday break I will be totally unproductive by binge watching Netflix shows or playing video games all day long.  Whatever I do, I am just so happy to be able to have the time off, and to have it off with Lisa so that we can hang out and be together.  Definitely counting my blessings, I am grateful for all that has happened and for how my life has turned out.

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