Finally Healthy

After two weeks of battling a cold, I was finally feeling healthy enough today to do a work out.  The last time I worked out was when I did a one-mile run and shattered my personal record, from a 6:35 mile all the way down to a 6:22 mile.  Maybe that’s why I got sick — I pushed my body over its limit trying to break my record!  At any rate, I have not been feeling healthy or motivated to get back on track until today.

I went to 24-Hour Fitness, which I probably have only been to three or four time this year.  The great thing is that I only pay $20 a year for the membership, so I can be as lazy as I want and not feel badly about wasting my money.  So glad I signed up for the really expensive three-year prepay membership over ten years ago, because now my $20 a year membership is a no-brainer.

I first tried a class called ‘Will Body and Grace,’ which was different because class participants are barefoot.  We did a lot of balance exercises and a lot of squats.  Nothing was particular hard as far as getting a good cardio or strength training workout — mainly, it was challenging trying to hold the poses and staying balanced.  It didn’t give me quite the sweat I wanted, so I stayed around and did the next class, “Body Pump.”  This is the strength training class that I was most used to, so getting back into it was easy enough, but I just couldn’t quite figure out the best weights to use since I haven’t really worked out with weights in quite a while.

Once I finished that class, there was a thirty minute “CX Work” class that the Body Pump instructor suggested that people stick around for.  Hey, why not.  And I’m glad I did.  We used weight plates and tubes to do a variety of challenging core exercises.  My core is particularly weak, especially when it comes to sit ups and what not, so this class definitely kicked my butt.  But like I said, I’m glad I did it.  Now only if I can convince Lisa to join me one day.  But for now, I’ll bask in the satisfaction that I am finally healthy enough to actually work out and get my body moving!

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