Doughnut World Tour Stop: New York City, NY

No visit is complete without a visit to a local donut shop and on this, our last hours in New York before catching our plane to Italy, we indulged in one fancy donut from this well-reviewed joint.

The Place: Dough Doughnuts

Location:  Times Square area, New York City

Doughnut tried:  Horchata Cinnamon Glazed

Price: $3 for regular donuts, $3.50 for the special variety.  Our single selection was in the latter category.

Verdict: Pretty Good. Not the best we’ve had. I think the issue was in the name. This doughnut was certainly made up of lots of dough- thick and chewy and not enough glaze in proportion to the dough. 

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Dough is a mini chain with locations around the city

So many selections! Lisa whittled it down to three choices, and I had to pick one out of the three for us to share.

The other choices Lisa made me decide on were the toasted coconut and the Nutella centered doughnut

Too big and heavy to pick up with your bare hands, this one definitely needed the fork and knife!

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