New York City: Celebrating the 4th of July Part 2

While we are on tour in Italy there may be times where we do not have any internet or WiFi connection, so in this case here are some previous unpublished blog posts from our current adventures…

Seaport Summer Music Festival with David Sanborn headlining, as members of the Chase Sapphire credit card we were able to purchase VIP tickets for this 4th of July event. $20 each got us an exclusive rooftop lounge, gourmet bites and an open bar. And this being the Fourth of July, we were just a block away from the Hudson River to enjoy the New York City Fireworks at dusk.  Or so we thought…

Call card holders of the Chase Sapphire card have their own special reserved area for the concert, but our VIP experience upgraded us to a different Lounge

Gourmet Bites menu

The Char grilled beef was our favorite followed by the little strawberry Shortcake desserts

Open bar. I am not a drinker so I had the bartender make me a drink and he made it with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, vodka, and triple sec. Lisa had some wine and a cranberry vodka.

Me and my drink in front of the outdoor table that had Cayenne spiced nuts and bags of popcorn

Three stories above the action

Just behind us is the seaport area where there is supposedly good views for the fireworks

Getting closer for those Fourth of July fireworks!

And after waiting for almost an hour for the light to turn into dusk and dusk to turn into dark, the fireworks started. We could hear them, but we could not see them. Unfortunately that building basically blocked the entire view of all of the fireworks so we gave up after 10 minutes of looking for various Vantage points to actually see fireworks display. However it was a great night all in all!

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