JFK Airport Priority Pass Lounge: Wingtips

While we are on tour in Italy there may be times where we do not have any internet or WiFi connection, so in this case here are some previous unpublished posts from our current adventures…
Priority Pass provides airline lounge access to many airports around the world. This is one of the perks at Lisa and I get from our I priced credit cards. It has come in handy and we have certainly gotten a lot of value out of them since we have flown so much over the past year. This is a quick look at the wingtips JFK Lounge in New York City. Wii ended up hanging out there for about 4 hours before our flight left, taking advantage of the wifi, food, free drinks, and comfortable surroundings.

Located in terminal 4, just past the security gate on the second level

Comfortable seating with plenty of plugs to recharge electronic devices. Also nice big windows to gaze out at the runways.

At both ends of the lounge are men’s and women’s restrooms. There was no dedicated Business Center, just lots of seats with a few tables and stools.

Self serve hot beverages as well as cookies and trail mix available

Self-service chilled beverages included sodas, bottled beers common and various juices. Interesting Li, there was no bottled water, only a spigot with cups to drink from

Self-service Spirits are, Lisa took advantage but I stuck with the water and sodas

For food offerings, they had a bread station and two kinds of soup. There was also some cereal, available now but more likely for the morning service

The salad bar was extensive, with hummus, tomato, cucumbers, tuna salad, chicken salad, and more.

On the Hot Food Line was rice, mixed veggies and some sort of baked chicken pieces that were a bit dry. 

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