Italy by Rail and Ship: Lucca Meanderings

Day trip to the walled town of Lucca, one of the best preserved city walls in the world.  It encircles the town 4km around, and the best part is that you can walk on top of it on wide paved walkways that are suitable for bicycling, roller skating and even horse carriage rides!  With plenty of trees to provide shade and many benches to rest, it is a very popular place for tourists and locals alike at all times of the day.  Walking the wall is not the only attraction, as the town also boasts some 100 churches, a bell tower that features trees at the top and of course lots of pedestrian-only passages that lead to numerous dining spots to eat, drink, hang out and people watch.  We really enjoyed all the green space that this town offered after so many days in the urban concrete jungles of Rome and Firenze.


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