Italy by Rail and Ship: Returning Home Part 2

Although our flight departed a little later than scheduled, we landed on time and we deplaned around 7:15pm.  Customs was very quick and after locating our check in luggage on the carousel, we headed outside for the curbside passenger pick up.  We waited for about half an hour because traffic was so bad, but eventually my brother Quelen arrived and we drove back through heavy traffic and towards Summit, NJ.  We stopped for some take out barbecue on the way home, finally getting there by 10pm.  Lisa and I had now been awake for over twenty hours and Lisa was fading, so she turned in for bed and I stayed up to eat and catch up with Quelen and his wife.  I ended up hitting the sack around midnight and woke up the next morning at 8am, perfectly adjusted to the new time zone.  Lisa and I did some laundry, packed, ate lunch and then Quelen dropped us off at the Summit train station for the next phase of our vacation…

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