Anatomy of Vacation Costs: Leg 1, New York City

Here is the breakdown of expenses for the first leg of our seven-week vacation.  We spent three days and two nights in New York City.  Our entertainment activities included taking a free public walking tour of the New York City Library, walking around the Chelsea district, walking the High Line Trail, attending the Seaport Summer Concert as VIP guests (free with our Ultimate Rewards points) and touring the USS Intrepid Museum (free with our OMSI membership).

$398.00 PDX – JFK flight; Delta miles equivalent
$315.00 NYC Best Western (Chase Ultimate Rewards equivalent
$2.79 Cough drops
$20.00 Subway fare ($10 each)
$17.00 Airtrain and subway fare ($8.50 each)
$6.00 Airtrain fare
$11.95 Shake Shack
$5.40 Pizza
$10.00 Cheesecake slice
$2.00 Bar tip
$5.00 Kiss my Pizza
$3.50 Dough donut


We rode public transportation in New York City, had free breakfasts in our hotel, and ate dinner for free at the airport lounge before our flight to Italy.

Food (includes cough drops):  $40.64

Subway:  $43.00

Flight and hotel paid with points:  $713.00

Total actual money spent in New York City over the 4th of July:  $83.64

Vacation counter:  Leg 1 – $83.64

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