Anatomy of Vacation Costs: Leg 2, Lake Como to Venice

Here is the breakdown of expenses for the second leg of our seven-week vacation.  This leg was a total of eight days, seven nights.


Transportation total:  $197.47

Lodging total:  $682

Food total:  $238.77

Attractions total:  $108.25

Miscellaneous (tips, souvenirs, etc.):  $65.45

Grand total:  $1291.94

Average per day:  $161.50

Attractions paid for with points:  $94.70


For this leg of our trip, we only used credit card points to book one Venice walking tour and one Venice food tour.  The rest we paid for, using Airbnb, Travelocity and for our lodging and buying our train tickets ahead of time to save on money.  For an overall average of under $162 per day, this fit right under our budget.

Vacation counter:

Leg 1 – $83.64
Leg 2 – $1291.94

Total value of costs paid for with points:  $807.70

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