Spring Break Empire Builder, Day 2

Due to the nature of intermittent internet access, this will be an ongoing post as the train slices through snowy landscapes and sparsely populated areas of Montana and North Dakota.  It is Mountain Time here, which means it was 5 a.m. Pacific time when I woke up at 6 a.m. here. It was still dark outside, and I wandered through the sleeping coach class cars to the lounge car and settled in to watch the sunrise and wait for the outside world to awaken from its slumber.

For the next couple of hours I just sat here transfixed at the landscape before me, as I listened to an audiobook and took little mini naps here and there. Lisa was still at the back of the train sleeping, but she eventually joined me in the lounge car and we proceeded to the dining car for breakfast.

As morning turned into early afternoon, we had lunch and met a interesting couple from Indianapolis… The guy was quite the social character, and it’s 70 years old is still very active in cycling and skiing. Our afternoon was spent just lounging in the lounge car, reading our books and magazines and playing an electronic version of hey train game, which is fitting for our activity.


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