Spring Break Empire Builder Day 3

At one point yesterday we are running 3 hours behind, but we have been able to make up some time and we are currently only running 1 hour late, which means we should get into Chicago after 5 p.m. tonight.  The conductor just made an announcement that this train will shortly be boarding tons of passengers, which will make it a full train. It is nice that Lisa and I have this private roommette to hang out in.  We have done coach class before and while it is fine for a full day of train travel, having sleeping first class accommodations is certainly worth it, though very expensive!

At dinner last night, we sat with a grandmother from Minnesota who was taking her 5th grade grandson from Portland to visit with family in Minneapolis for spring break.  What was pretty funny was that the kid was just bored out of his mind! He was complaining about not having internet service on his phone and although he brought some movies and books to read, he was just finding too much time on the train doing nothing.  Ah, to be young!

Lisa and I have thoroughly enjoyed this down time, to how’s the time while away as we are at the whim of the train schedule. The only things we really have to do our to answer the call for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. Other than that, we nap when we want to nap, and go to bed when we want to go to bed.  We both have fun just hanging out and listening to our audiobooks while we pass our Kindle game “Ticket to Ride” back and forth to each other and look out the window.

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