Thirty Days of No Sugar: Day 1

Went to my doctor last week for my every-four-year annual physical and got some blood work done.  My test results revealed some concerns, which my doctor translated into some actions:  “Avoid fatty foods, carbohydrates and sweets.”  With a history of diabetes and high blood pressure in my family, this is some timely advice, and as a result, I have decided to go sugar-free for the next thirty days.  I know that sugar is everywhere, but I won’t be scrutinizing every single label.  I’ll be diligent in avoiding the most obvious foods — cake, cookies, candy, etc.

That’s step one, avoiding sweets.

Step two is eating more fruits and veggies.

Step three is getting more consistent exercise.

And step four is being mindful of these changes, and one way I can do this is self-reporting at theLun end of everyday on this web site.

Thus, Day 1:

Breakfast:  didn’t start off too well, as I had a free sausage breakfast biscuit at Chick-Fil-A.  It wasn’t that great, and I would not pay money for that.  I also had a bowl of Greek plain yogurt with some blueberries and half a banana.

Lunch:  bowl of my chicken rice soup with diced avocado and almonds.  Also had a handful of cashews and pistachios.

Dinner:  spinach salad with sliced cucumber, pecans and avocado-ranch dressing.  Also had one corn tortilla with refried beans and cheddar cheese.

Not so good:  finished off the last of my movie theater popcorn that I brought home from yesterday.

Bottom line:  not a bad start, could definitely be better.  But at least I had no sugar in the forms of doughnuts, cake and candy.  I’ll have to come up with a breakfast and lunch routine for my work days, and then just be careful on the weekends…

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