Thirty Days of No Sugar: Day 2

Was faced with my first challenge today:  chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  We guided a cooking/baking class for our students, and on the menu were gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.  They looked and smelled delicious, but I held firm — come on, two days in and quit?  Puh-leeze.

Breakfast:  slice of toast with one hard-boiled egg made into egg salad

Lunch:  Yogurt with fresh blueberries, half banana and nuts.  I was surprised to see that my Plain, 2% Greek yogurt actually had 8 grams of sugar per serving!  I probably had half a serving, and I’m not going to count this as breaking my no-sugar rule.

Snack:  handful of baby carrots with hummus

Dinner:  Chicken sausage sauteed with spinach, onions and sweet potato.  Also ate handfuls of peanuts, hard to stop!

So there – aside from my peanut binge, I think I did all right.  I’m adding a few more “rules” to my daily intake:

#4- drink green tea, preferably non-caffeinated, daily

#5 – continue my intake of at least three large glasses of water per day

Day two done and in the bag.  Bring on the sugar challenge, I can do this!

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