Thirty Days of No Sugar: Days 3 & 4

Big test this weekend, as Lisa and I are doing a mini-road trip up north in Seattle.  It’s been a lot of eating out and while I haven’t exactly been super duper healthy as far as my food choices, I am aware and making the effort to be good!


Breakfast:  scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon, with roasted potatoes and buttered bread (avoided the jelly)

Lunch:  Arby’s Roast Beef classic sandwich with loaded curly fries (cheese sauce, bacon and sour cream)

Dinner:  cheese slices, apple slices, tortilla chips and guacamole as an appetizer, then the main course was white bean chicken chili with cheese and sour cream.


Breakfast:  scrambled eggs with cheese, one maple sausage link, fried potato cubes and two Trader Joe’s gluten-free pumpkin spice pancakes with just a trace of real maple syrup.  Sure, there is some sugar in the pancakes, but Dan made them and I’m not going to disregard his hospitality!

Lunch:  Cheesecake Factory Carne Asada medallions with corn kernels and a bunch of steamed broccoli.  I also had three pieces of bread with butter, but no dessert!

Beverage:  got a little bit of Lisa’s hot chocolate from Starbucks and added some milk and Bailey’s Irish Cream

Dinner:  Happy hour at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse, split small plates of ribeye sliders, flatbread pizza and grilled shrimp.  Yummy!


So that’s that, still haven’t succumbed to my desserts and treats and I did substitute white rice for broccoli.  Probably could have chosen something other than Arby’s, but I’m not going to beat myself over that.  It is day four and I think I’m still on track, so there!

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